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Optimal Director’s Salary for 2015-16

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Probably the most important post of the year for company directors!

Wage riseThe small owner managed limited company will usually pay their directors / shareholders with a small salary + dividends.

The level of the director’s salary is usually set in order to avoid any income tax and national insurance. On this basis the recommended remuneration package would be:

Upper limits for 2015-16

Salary – per annum: £8,060 (last year £7,956)
Salary – per month: £671 (last year £663)

Dividend – per annum: £30,891 (last year £30,518)
Dividend – per month: £2,574 (last year £2,543)

However, since the introduction of Employment Allowance some company directors will be better off paying themselves a £10,600 salary and slightly lower dividends (up to £28,606).

Employment Allowance means that most employers will be able to reduce their Class 1 National Insurance contributions (Employers NI) by up to £2,000.

So, increasing your salary and yet not having to pay the Employers NI will save the company £203 per director / shareholder.

Not everyone will benefit. Generally if you have other income you’d be better sticking with the above “usual” remuneration package.

Each client of Massey Accounting Company will be receiving a personalised recommendation shortly.

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One thought on “Optimal Director’s Salary for 2015-16

  1. Looks good john. Every little helps!

    Regards, Jordan


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