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Can the Cycle to Work Scheme Work for You?

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Can the Cycle to Work Scheme Work for You?

What a great summer its turning our to be for cycling fans! As a business owner perhaps you’re wondering if the Cycle to Work Scheme could be of some benefit?

In my opinion, probably not, BUT…
The government have done it again – generally small owner managed businesses have found that the costs and hassle of operating the scheme outweigh the benefits.

For example – you could use a third party provider to set-up the scheme (usually a larger bike shop) but even then there’s salary sacrifice arrangements, benefits in kind, VAT claimed (then paid later!) and terms of employment to be updated. Forget it!

If you’re planning to use your bike for mostly business (including your commute) then your company can buy you a bike + safety equipment. The limited company will attract 20% corporation tax relief and be able to reclaim the VAT. Simples! A greater saving with much less trouble.

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