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Bogus Companies House Correspondence

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Just a reminder that there are many businesses out there purporting to be or work with UK government agencies such as Companies House and HMRC. Before acting on any such correspondence arriving by email or letter please take care to verify its legitimacy.

Carefully watch out for the imitation letters – those which copy very closely the style and logos used by Companies House and HMRC.

As an example, this week I received a letter from Commercial Register demanding that I update and return my company’s details by a given deadline. There was no request for payment. Pictured below (overlapping the enclosed form (at the top) and the return envelope)


On closer inspection the letter comes from Direct Publisher S.L.U. Madrid. Whilst many scams involve requesting a small payment by return (say £15-£30 typically) it seems that Commercial Register await your return of details then invoice your company €993 euros for an advertising directory entry! Apparently this is for the order you place when completing your details – which is certainly not made clear.

Please be careful with your personal and company details.

Feel free to share this info with fellow business owners and your own admin staff. And, as a Massey Accounting Company client please always feel free to ask if in doubt.

As a reminder the legitimate Companies House logo is shown below


Of course Companies House and HMRC are aware of such frauds and their guidance can be found here:

Reporting fraud to Companies House

HMRC Avoid and report internet scams and phishing


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