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Payroll clients beware!

Starting 6 March 2015 HMRC will issue penalties for late payroll submissions.

This means that payroll data needs processing and submitting to HMRC on or before the date your employees are paid.

Penalties are charged for more than one late submission in the tax year as follows: 1-9 Employees – £100 per month; 10-49 Employees – £200 per month.

Whist this is strict I don’t think we’ve had one late filing this year. However, the real trap may be when it comes to leavers:

Leavers (and their P45) should be processed and notified to HMRC on or before the day they leave or on the day of their last payment. Failure to report on time will trigger a late filing penalty.

Please keep this in mind and keep us informed as soon as you know when an employee is starting and leaving.

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