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Help with… Payroll

Would you like help with payroll?

At Massey Accounting Company we’re perfectly happy to operate your payroll for you. Still, if you prefer the control and flexibility of operating your own payroll please read on:

Payroll processing has actually developed into a very complex task over recent years. Since the introduction of real-time information (RTI) and Automatic Enrolment (work place pensions) the only real option is to use software.

Fortunately, that doesn’t necessarily mean another expense.

We use and highly recommend BrightPay which (amazingly) is free to use for up to three employees.


Click for 10% discount

We’ve used several payroll solutions but choose to recommended BrightPay for ease of use and leading the way with its automation of Automatic Enrolment. If you need a licence for more than three employees then click the logo for a 10% discount. Please note, we’re in no way affiliated with BrightPay, we’re just a fan of their software!

There are other solutions of course and at the risk of your own sanity you could try HMRC’s Basic PAYE Tools, see here for HMRC’s approved list.

Finally, if you are going-it-alone don’t overlook the need to register as an employer with HMRC. You’ll need to do this four weeks before your first pay-day in order to have all the necessary reference numbers to allow you to file RTI.


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